Webshop 2.0: Our Latest Digital Frontier

About a year or so after we launched our "little shop that could" in the real world, we set out into the great digital yonder with our first ever website to try to bring some of the Cowboys and Astronauts mojo to folks who wouldn't have a chance to mosey through our front door.

We are so proud of that first digi-baby...it helped thousands of folks over the years find just the right something, even if that was people right down the street who just loved the option to shop online and pick up their treasures. It was reliable, it was fun to create and maintain, and it accomplished more than we ever hoped was possible online.

But, then we started dreaming differently...what if we could bring some of the feeling of being in the store community to the online experience? What if we could do a better job expressing the Cowboys and Astronauts spirit? And, all the while, what if we could bring our digital shop up to par with the evolutions in digital shopping over the last few years?

Well, the site you're on now is the culmination of all of that dreaming and building! As you look around, we hope you feel some of the energy and love that we put into the new site in every virtual corner...and we definitely hope that you feel welcome and happy to be here, cuz we're sure glad you are! Now let's see where we can go together!