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Meet Matthew, Greg, and Crew

Find Your Own Frontier

A frontier is that dream at the edge of our knowing that beckons to us, calls us to lift our gaze, make plans, start our engines…and go. Frontiers can be big or small, in reach or on the horizon, DIY or communal, easy or hard. But no matter what it is, your frontier is not just a is an invitation to adventure made of a thousand small steps and choices. It is a dare to reach for next and to see what is around the bend of your life’s story.

The inspirational icons for which our little shop is named are a reminder of that invitation, a provocation to explore your frontier, whether that be a place, a mindset, an experience, a moment, or a whole new way of showing up in the world. YOUR world…the one that you make every day. 

And that’s why we created Cowboys and Astronauts, a lifestyle and supplies shop for fellow explorers. A space where everyone who clicks or walks through our door—no matter what age, gender, identity, skin color, size, or way of life—should feel welcome and in good company! Look, we get it...things don’t write your story. But if our meaningful goods can make your journey one ounce more joyful, present, or authentic, then we’ve done our small part to help YOU write the tale you have always wanted to live.

The Cowboys and Astronauts Story

On 11/11/2017, built on Matthew’s childhood love of neighborhood shopkeeps, he and his life/work partner Greg pulled the paper off the windows of a little shop in Chicago’s tight-knit Andersonville neighborhood and saw a small crowd of the most delightful faces peering in to see the new frontier they had created. And those faces kept coming, year after year, seeking birthday presents, shirts for a first date, blankets to keep cozy on frigid nights, barware to toast a longtime friend, and gifts to bring some holiday smiles—all leading to myriad moments of love where our family has had the privilege to be a part of people taking care of themselves and others.

Since then, we’ve grown our physical shop an ooch, launched a webshop (and then expanded it), invited some incredible souls into the journey, won a few awards and accolades, got a lot grayer, and learned a whole lot in the process. The biggest thing we learned is that neither the past nor the future would be possible without you…the community who has decided to pause long enough to grace us with your time, your stories, and your support. We are profoundly and eternally grateful, and we look forward to exploring what comes next right by your side!

Meet the Crew

This adventure would not be possible without our current cosmic team and those along the way who have given their passion, creativity, humor, hard work, dedication, and kindness to helping Cowboys and Astronauts liftoff and remain in orbit. To a one, they have never lost their childlike curiosity or that adventurous spark in their eye.


Social & Visual Merchandising Lead

A.K.A — Space Modulation Ranger

Astrological Sign — Cancer

Frontiers — Fashion Design, Britney, Diane Keaton, Home Renovation, Cat Dad


Guest Experience & Inventory Specialist

A.K.A — Planetary Systems Engineer

Astrological Sign — Scorpio

Frontiers — Singing in My Band, Basketball, Interior Design, Fashion, Concerts


Guest Experience Associate

A.K.A. — Cosmos Exploration Specialist

Astrological Sign — Gemini

Frontiers — Comedy, Art History, Kitsch, Natural Wine, Cat Lover



A.K.A — Galactic First Officer

Astrological Sign — Scorpio

Frontiers — TTRPGs, Hiking, Dad Dad, Dog Dad, Science Fiction Writing, Social Science Research, PS5, Guitar


Guest Experience Associate

A.K.A — Cosmos Exploration Specialist

Astrological Sign — Aries

Frontiers — Dogs, Fire Starter, Indie Filmmaking, High-Waisted Pants, Brazilian Funk Music, Eartha Kitt, Thai Food



A.K.A — Galactic Captain

Astrological Sign — Virgo

Frontiers — Hugging Trees, Travel, Interior Design, Outside, Quiet, National Parks, Vintage or Antiques, Environmental Aesthetics


Digital Marketing Lead

A.K.A — Cybernetic Frontier Ranger

Astrological Sign — Cancer

Frontiers — Baking, Pastry, Musical Theatre, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Disco Music, Dog Dad

Obi & Roo

Matthew & Greg's Pups

A.K.A — The Astrodogs

Astrological Signs — Capricorn

Frontiers — Beach, Snacking, Trails, Sniffing, Wrestling, Napping

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If you're passionate about the exploration of life, enjoy hosting and caring for others, and believe the "usual" retail experience needs some heart — we'd love to hear from you!

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