Our Story

The adventure of shopping for quality, curated products shouldn't be reserved for a select few! Welcome to Cowboys and Astronauts, a lifestyle and supplies shop where everyone who clicks or walks through our door—no matter what age, gender, skin color, size, or way of life—should feel welcome, excited, and inspired!

When did phrases like “being your best self” and “living the good life” become ironic? In today’s sometimes cynical world, it’s easy to forget that most of us desire to not just live, but to live well. Cowboys and Astronauts is a lifestyle and supplies store based in the Midwest that celebrates the well-lived life by supporting authentic individualism, everyday adventure, and meaningful connections to the people and places around us.

When a Shirt Isn't Just a Shirt

Like you, we understand that stuff is just stuff. But we also believe that good products create stories. They are made by families and people from all around the world who take pride in their goods and craft. Great products surprise. They delight. And, yes…a shirt is just a shirt until you wear it on that special date. Styling products are just styling products until you look in the mirror one morning and appreciate the person you have become. A glass is just a glass until you share a drink and some memories with a childhood friend. And a journal is just a journal until you start writing down your hopes and dreams in it—all without one hint of irony.

Our curated blend of apparel, accessories, travel supplies, self care products, home goods, and gifts help our customers lead fulfilled and accomplished lives whether out on the town, at work, on the trail, or entertaining in their homes. And just like the inspirational icons for which the store is named, Cowboys and Astronauts reminds us that there are opportunities for joy, adventure, and pride in life’s everyday moments.

The Guys Under the Hat (and Helmet)

Matthew Buccilla and Greg Lanier, co-founders and real-life partners, created Cowboys and Astronauts to fulfill Matthew’s lifelong dream of becoming the kind of shopkeeper he admired in his youth. They also wanted to bring their fresh take on a men’s lifestyle store—one that is inclusive, accessible, and designed for a wide range of people who enjoy men’s products—to the online community and Andersonville, their beloved Northside Chicago neighborhood.

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