Happy Solstice! Happy Holidays! And Here's to 2021!

Last night was the longest night of the year and from here on out the sun starts slowly but surely creeping back to its high point in the sky! We sure hope this is a sign of renewal, rebirth, and peace after a year that none of us will ever forget!

Thanks to all of you who are making us part of your world and your holiday traditions this year. We're happy and proud to stand by your side...even if it's six feet away in a mask! Speaking of, we're here at the shop for the final push and can get curbside orders ready in an hour! So if you need to get a gift in your hands or are wondering when folks can spend those Cowboys and Astronauts gift cards, we wanted to make sure everyone knows our special hours through the end of the year...

We're going to be giving our team a well-deserved respite during the last week in December but will be here on weekends and will resume regular store hours in the new year...

Tue, 12/22 - Wed, 12/23: 11am - 6pm
Thu, 12/24: 11am - 2pm
Fri, 12/25: Closed
Sat, 12/26 - Sun, 12/27: 11am - 4pm
Mon, 12/28 - Fri, 1/1: Closed
Sat, 1/2 - Sun, 1/3: 11am - 4pm

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope that everyone has a safe, loving, restful, and joyous holiday season! And here's to a brighter new year!