Before this year comes to a close, we just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for being part of the Cowboys and Astronauts journey so far. 2018 was our first calendar year in business and "thank you" does not come anywhere close to the gratitude we feel toward everyone who has walked through our door, had our back, and shared words of kindness and encouragement. It brings us to tears, literally.

And a huge shout out to the Cowboys and Astronauts team...Alfie, Brian, Chris, and Ron, we couldn't pull all this off without your passion, hard work, and good energy! You, quite simply, rock!

The new year is also a time to look forward and we can hardly contain ourselves with some of the exciting developments we have on deck for Cowboys and Astronauts in 2019. We've heard you, and we've listened to our inner compass, and we think you'll be happy with some of the changes and growth in store in the coming year (don't worry, our moms taught us not to get too big for our britches)!

We hope that everyone has a happy, healthy, and well-lived year ahead! And thanks again for being on this adventure with us! We can't think of better people to share the trail with!

All the best,
Matthew and Greg