For those of you who know us over here at Cowboys and Astronauts, you know that deep at the heart of who we are is an abiding belief in the power, beauty, and sacredness of the natural world. And we know that this is a shared passion with so many of you who have told us your stories about how nature inspires and sustains you.

Earth Day 2021 is a wonderful chance for all of us to pause and take a moment to reflect on the wonder and majesty of the big blue ball that all of us—no matter who we are or what we look like—call home. It's also a chance to think about how we can pitch in and move things in the right direction.

Beyond our love and deep appreciation, we also try wherever possible as a small business to work with brands who hold similar values and put their words into action. Many of them are focused on sourcing and using sustainable materials like Toad&Co and American Trench. Others focus on recycling...Happy Habitat and Blacksaw both make blankets made from 80-100% recycled fabrics and Faherty's amazing All Day Shorts (our best-selling shorts) are literally made of recycled plastic bottles, about 11 per short to be exact. And, then there are those brands that focus on creating all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free products like Rudy's, Good & Well Candles, Sweet Comb Chicago, and Maude.


But nothing speaks better about Mother Earth than the planet itself. The satellite images in this post are used courtesy of NASA and show the mind-blowing diversity and majesty of the planet. As you take them in, it is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that we are all guests here...and we owe it to our host and future generations to be the very best guests we can be. Happy Earth Day!