Hey, all!

Hope this note finds you healthy and well all around. You might have noticed over the past few months that we've been a little quieter than normal. Well, we just wanted to take a minute of your time to fill you in on what's been happening over in our little neck of the woods and, more importantly, check in with you, our Cowboys and Astronauts family, to see if there's anything we can be doing better to help you out.

Kind of crazy to say the words out loud: "we're all actually living through a global pandemic." And on top of that, the good people of America are demanding racial justice with deep and renewed purpose. And, we don’t need to remind any of you that we are heading into an election that will be one of the most fraught and important events of our lifetimes.

We'll be as honest as we can. In the midst of all of this, we've been struggling with how to keep our business mojo going. We've been doing everything we can to keep our customers and our team and friends and family safe during the current public health crisis, as have so many of you. And, frankly, we've been working hard to manage our cash and pay the bills as the overall economy has understandably slowed.

But, what we haven't done is say a lot. It's been hard for us to get excited about pushing shirts and sales and candles in the midst of the fear and anger and frustration (and hope for a better world) all around us. The last thing we would ever want to be is disrespectful to the times we are living in.

So we went back...way back to the start of our "little shop that could" in Andersonville and asked ourselves why we started it to begin with. And as cheesy at it might sound, we can look anyone in the eye and say we really did want to create a space (both physical and emotional) that would help people be their best selves and where everyone felt special and loved and welcomed as they are.

And when we came to that realization, the path forward became clear. Our job right now is to keep doing what we're doing, to keep helping people be their best, to provide inspired products, supplies, and gifts that put a smile on our customers faces (especially during tough times), and to keep believing that our little shop and the relationships we have with all of you count. Because they do.

In closing, if there's anything we can do better to help you navigate this time in history, we'd love to hear from you. Whether it's just to say hello or to give us suggestions on products or offerings that would make life better for you, we're all ears. We can promise to give every suggestion or request an honest read and consideration. And as long as we're here, we can definitely promise that we're going to keep Cowboys and Astronauts a safe and hopeful port in the storm.

Hang in there, good people. We got this.

Matthew and Greg