For one beautiful, priceless moment on July 20th, 1969, the whole world held its breath and became one as the first human beings landed on the face of the Moon. Even for the scientists and astronauts who made the unthinkable happen, the moment was one of magic, hope, and transcendence. For the rest of us, it was a reminder, in the boldest display imaginable, that everything was possible and we could rise above our rifts and divisions...literally!

Each of us has lived with this moment in some way, shape, or form...whether we were lucky enough to witness humanity's leap first hand or have benefited in the 50 years since from the power of the story handed down across generations. And it will come as no surprise that we here at Cowboys and Astronauts draw a tremendous amount of inspiration from the milestone and believe, truly, that there is nothing we can't accomplish together.

To mark the occasion and celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of our favorite moments in history, Cowboys and Astronauts will be giving away a free gift with purchase: Each customer who spends $50 in-store or online, beginning July 20, 2019 and going until supplies run out, will receive a free, limited edition Three Missions Notebook Set from Field Notes.

It's just our simple way of thanking the brave men and women of space programs across countries and generations who have given us the stars and pushed us all to greater heights!